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Canadianhempco Three part Guarantee We Guarantee Germination We Guarantee Genetics We Guarantee Delivery Our 3 Part Guarantee since 1993 Any Problems just Contact Us Outdoor Cannabis Growing Tips Growing cannabis outdoors is not as simple as just tossing the seeds into the soil and then waiting on the forces of nature to grant you a bumper harvest after a few weeks. A lot of research and preparation is needed to ensure you get it right when it comes to the soil condition requirements, site preparation, pest control and proper care and maintenance. If you intend to venture in outdoor cannabis growing, then here are some tips you will find valuable: Outdoor Cannabis Seeds Need Good soil Your success with growing cannabis outdoors will depend on the choice of soil or the particular medium upon which the plant will grow. The soil should have the correct pH, it should be well drained, and it should also the correct amount of nutrients. A good soil should not be very expensive, and you should find very good options from reputable landscape supply companies that deals with selling soils in bulk. Where to Plant The Cannabis Seed? One aspect to consider when thinking about the location for growing cannabis outdoors is the exposure to sunlight. For good yields, the plant must have maximum exposure to sunlight and mostly, a southern exposure is recommended. This implies that the chosen site should not be an area with tall buildings, hills and trees which will block sunlight from accessing the plant. Additionally, it would be a good idea if the areas is sheltered and well irrigated in addition to having very good drainage. Starts the plants indoor if you can If possible, start by germinating the cannabis-seeds indoors and allowing them to grow under indoor conditions for about one or two weeks. This will protect them from birds and insects which might feast on their tender leaves and stock. When it is time to take them out, start off by “conditioning” them so that they adapt gradually to the outdoor conditions. For instance, take them outside under a shelter for a few hours a day for about another week or two, before you finally expose them fully to the outdoor environment. Consider the security of the plants You should plan ahead in terms of security when considering the final location for growing the cannabis outdoors. It is highly recommended to keep them from the prying eyes of the public and they should also be safe from animals and birds. You may consider installing game cameras if you are curious about someone secretly finding your plants and also to let you know of the kinds of animals or creatures that normally visit the site. Consider starting with one line of nutrients Just like in indoor growing, you should consider starting off your marijuana with just one line of nutrients, and this should contain everything the plant needs to grow happy. Be careful not to add too much fertilizer than recommended as this may be detrimental to the life of the plants. Pick the right outdoor cannabis strains It goes without saying that you must choose the right outdoor marijuana strain if you want to get good yields. While choosing the strain, you should consider your location and climate as these will determine the outdoor conditions under which the plant will be required to grow. Choose the strains which have been specifically developed to thrive under those particular outdoor conditions dictated by your region and climate. Posted on April 23, 2018April 23, 2018Categories Cannabis Growing Tips, Outdoor Cannabis SeedsTags I49 Cannabis SeedLeave a comment on Outdoor Cannabis Growing Tips How to Water a Marijuana Plant Cannabis is a tough plant and most strains will be very forgiving if you lax with their water supply. However, consistent water stress can be detrimental to the health and the ultimate quality of the plant. It is, therefore, imperative for every grower interested in fresh, robust and healthy leaves to know how to water the plants in the right manner and at the right times. Here are some key factors to help you out: Hydration is very important for Cannabis Plants Cannabis plants require a lot of water, especially when they are just about to flower. As a general rule, cannabis plants should never be allowed to go for long without water. Depriving them of water for long will hamper their nutrient intake and as a result, the growth will be stunted, leading to poor yields. While watering the plants however, caution should be taken to ensure you don’t supply too much water since this may lead to other undesirable conditions such as botrytis and root rot amongst other problems. Ideally, you should determine the critical amount of water needed by the plant based on the strain, the size, as well as the stage of growth. Know when to water the plants Just as knowing the amount of water to be supplied to the plant is crucial, it is vitally important to know when you should do the watering. Most growers agree that the best time to water the cannabis plant should be at night time or early in the morning. It is argued that watering at night or earlier during the day will allow the plant adequate time to utilize the nutrients effectively since most of the plant processes depends on sunlight and this is available only during the day. Watering when the sun is up is, however, not encouraged, since in the natural set up, precipitation never take place then sun is shining. Besides, the water droplets which will remain on the leaves will act like magnifying glass when sunlight falls on them and this may lead to leaf burn. The frequency of cannabis plants watering Now that you have an idea on how much water is necessary and when the times to apply it are, the next thing is to work out the frequency of the application. The recommended frequency is twice every day on days when the temperature is high and the humidity is low. But as the plant continues to mature and approach flowering, the frequency should be reduced as the quantity is increased. When the plant reaches full flowering, the marijuana plant must be watered once every two to three days. The ideal frequency for watering the plant should be determined after you evaluate the moisture levels in the soil or the growing medium. Ideally, the medium should be dry on the top and slightly dump beneath the surface. If the medium is dry up to 5cm beneath the surface, then the plant is probably too dry and the plant may be undergoing water stress. In such a case, you should supply water to restore moisture content of the soil and avoid further water stress to the plant. Posted on April 23, 2018Categories Amateaur Ideas About Cannabis, Cannabis Growing TipsTags Cannabis Farmer SupportersLeave a comment on How to Water a Marijuana Plant How to Identify Cannabis Growing Problems and Fix Them Knowing how to identify cannabis growing problems and how to fix them should a prerequisite to successful growing of weed. Without this vital knowledge, all your attempts to grow weed the right way will be futile and you will never reap the benefits and the pleasure of growing your own weed. To help you get a grip on your marijuana growing, below are some of the problem categories you are likely to encounter and how you can fix them in good time: Cannabis Growing: Nutrient problems A deficiency in any of the essential nutrients is sufficient to sign the death sentence for the plant. The good news, however, is that most of the deficiency can be detected in good time and the lacking nutrient added before it hurts the growth of the plant. Here are some of the common nutrient deficiencies: Boron deficiency – to detect boron deficiency, you will notice slow growth on the upper most parts of the leaves. Boron deficiency is mostly caused by low soil pH or over-fertilizing the plant. Simply ensure that these don’t happen and you won’t have to worry about boron deficiency. Copper deficiency – a sign of copper deficiency is when then plant start cropping up on the younger leaves. The leaves then become discolored on the margins and the tips. Curling may also happen in some instances. To fix this deficiency, flush out everything using pH balanced water that contains all the necessary nutrients. Iron Deficiency – to detect iron deficiency, the leaves of the plant will lack chlorophyll and this will make it lose the normal green coloration. To correct this, it is recommended to use an all-round nutrient provider such as the Marijuana Booster. Cannabis Growing: Environmental stresses Sometimes marijuana may be affected due to certain factors happening around in the environment under which it is grown. Here are some of the common environmental stresses to watch out for: Heat stress – the temperature under which marijuana is grown is very important, and this is especially vital if you will be growing the plant indoors. The correct amount of heat is necessary to allow the plant carry on with its natural processes like photosynthesis and to ensure that there is enough uptakes of nutrients. Too much or too little heat will cause stress on the plants and a good indication for this will be withering leaves. Check on the strain planted to know the ideal heat conditions for optimal growth. Airy and lose buds – when your marijuana is suffering from this problem, you will easily notice the buds as appearing airy and flaccid. The buds will not mature in the right manner and there is the likelihood of them falling off before maturity, leading to the loss of leaves. Once this problem happens, there is no fixing hence the only solution is to stop it from happening. There are quite a number of ways to prevent this and they include-: choosing a good strain, growing the marijuana under the right conditions of light and temperature, ensuring the growth medium has all the necessary nutrients, ensuring proper ventilation and humidity and timing the harvesting correctly. You should also watch out for marijuana diseases, pests and bugs which can potentially destroy the plants and stop you from having a good harvest. Posted on April 21, 2018July 6, 2018Categories Cannabis Growing TipsTags Cannabis SeedsLeave a comment on How to Identify Cannabis Growing Problems and Fix Them Growing Marijuana for Beginners from Seeds If you are an approved patient, then you may tap into a plethora of benefits when you decide to grow your own marijuana instead of spending money all the time you need your dozes. It will excite you to know that growing marijuana is very easy once you learn the basic concepts and you get all the materials and equipment needed for indoor growing. It is discreet, grows fast and you will have access to very good quality marijuana. Cannabis Growing Medium One of the secrets to growing quality marijuana indoors is to select the best soil once you have chosen the right seeds (discussed later). And since you are interested in growing it indoors, you will have to consider all the factors necessary for optimum indoor growth and these include factors such as water, humidity, temperature, light, and nutrients. All these factors need to be availed to the growing plants in the right amounts to ensure that you get the very best of quality. In most cases, you will receive a comprehensive guideline on how to grow the plant from where you purchased the seeds. But that notwithstanding, you also need to know the tiny details necessary to get good harvest. Best strains for indoor cannabis growing For good results and high quality plants, there are a particular marijuana strains ideal for indoor growing. Below are some worth considering: Critical – originally from Afghanistan and takes between 7 – 8 weeks to flower. It is an all rounder and will give good results for both indoor and outdoor growing. Royal AK – originally from Mexico, Thailand, Columbia and Afghanistan. Takes about 9 weeks to flower. Royal Mobi – this is ideal for patients who desire to grow a smaller number of plants but desire high quality products in low stressing growing conditions. Amnesia Haze – this is ideal for complete novices in cannabis cultivation. It is easy to care for and maintain, though you will have to be patient since it takes up to 11 weeks to flower. How many pot plants you are growing It is vitally important to know the number of marijuana plants you desire to grow because this will dictate your space requirements. Conversely, you can start by evaluating the available space in your indoor setup and form that; you can easily determine the number of plants to grow. Most of the times, you will be advised to invest in an appropriate grow tent as it will allow you to have an optimal number of plants and it will also provide sufficient growth conditions for a bountiful harvest. Cannabis Seed Germination process The germination process for marijuana is no different from that of any other seed plant, only that you will be required to be more cautious. To germinate the seeds, you will have to drop them in moist soil and allow them up to 24 hours to sprout. Germinating the seeds is also possible when they are placed in a wet towel, only that the towel must not be soaked in water. If you germinated the seeds in a moist towel, you will then have to transfer them into moist soil where they will grow to maturity however, this transplant is not necessary if you the seeds germinated in the moist soil or their final grow medium. Posted on April 21, 2018April 25, 2018Categories Cannabis Growing Tips, Cannabis Seed BanksTags Cannabis Farmer SupportersLeave a comment on Growing Marijuana for Beginners from Seeds Common Pot Growing Problems and How to Fix Them Pot, just like any other plant, certainly has some challenges when growing. However, the failure to get good yields or quality leaves always has nothing to do with the problems that face pot growing but depends on the grower’s ability to create the right condition and identify and solve the problems before they threaten the life of the plants. It is inevitable that the problem will arise, but as a grower, you must develop a sharp acumen of identifying them in good time and remediating them before they threaten the survival of the plant. With that said, here are some of the pot growing problems and the probably solutions to remediating them: Boron deficiency Boron deficiency is not of a bigger problem nowadays, but still it is a serious problem affecting marijuana growers around the world. Boron deficiency can lead to great undernourishment, leading to lack of vibrancy in growth and poor quality yields. The main culprit for this deficiency is normally inadequate soil pH and this is extremely detrimental to the life of any plant. If you want to know that the marijuana plant is lacking boron, you will notice weak or slow growth in the upper parts of the leaves. The leaves will be smaller in size, have twisted growth or they will just appear unhealthy generally. You may even think that the plant is lacking in calcium. If boron deficiency is not checked in good time, other problems which may end up killing the plant may arise. Since it is known that boron deficiency is caused by low soil pH, the ideal solution is to simply check and rectify the pH levels of the soil. It may be a good idea to also consider using other types of soils which are rich in all the necessary nutrients needed for the healthy growth of pot. Rotting buds Nothing is as disheartening in the growth of marijuana plant as watching the buds begin to rot. This is a serious weed problem and a very challenging one for many growers. Just as the name suggests, the buds will simply start to rot and eventually fall off, thus making the entire process of growing the marijuana a total waste of time, money and resources. Some of the reasons responsible for this problem include poor air circulation, growing the plants in cold temperatures, supplying too much water to the plant or failing to remove the rotten buds in good time. The ideal way to avoid this problem therefore, is to simply watch out for these causative factors and ensure that all the conditions are optimal. Light Burns In as much as pot need a lot of light for proper growth, too much of it can be harmful to the plant. Light burns normally affect the indoor strains and it will happen when the plants are exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. The problems may also occur when you leave the plants in a controlled environment like a grow tent without regulating the amount of light in the tent. To manage this problem, simply ensure that the plant gets just enough light and never let it exposed to direct sunlight for a long period. Posted on April 21, 2018April 23, 2018Categories Amateaur Ideas About Cannabis, Cannabis Growing Tips, FeaturedTags Amateur Hour SeedsLeave a comment on Common Pot Growing Problems and How to Fix Them Cannabis Leaves: Everything You Need to Know annabis leaf is the most prominent part of the cannabis plant. It is not only the best source of the potent properties for which the herb is hailed for, but also it harbors fascinating history and facts that will really change your perception about it. And though many are the varieties of cannabis, there is very little alteration on how the leaves look like from one strain of cannabis to another. Here are some of the other facts you should know about cannabis leaves: Cannabis leaves phyllotaxy Cannabis leaves are not alternate as most of the other herbs in the same family, but rather, they are compound and decussate-opposite. The leaves emerge in pairs on either sides of the stem and they also have a characteristic vertical line in between the spaces. Though the leaves are decussate when they are young, they normally begin to form alternate patterns as the plant nears flowering stage. Leaf difference between the three main strains The three main cannabis strains are sativa, indica and ruderalis. From a broader perspective, the leaves may be seen to have no difference amongst them, but a close look will reveal subtle differences as follows: Sativa leaves – the leaves are long and slender. They have very conspicuous serrations which make them look spiky and jagged. The color of the leaves is also distinct and normally ranges from blackish green at the darkest to lime green. A fully grown sativa leaf can contain up to 13 leaflets. Indica leaves – these leaves are wider and larger compared to their sativa counterparts. A fully grown indica leaf may contain between seven and nine leaflets and the color is normally deep olive green. It is not common for you to find this strain with very light green leaves and if that happens, then it points to a deficiency. Ruderalis leaves – these are the smallest among the strains and a fully grown leaf may have anywhere between five and thirteen leaflets. In terms of width, the almost equal indica, though at times they can be narrower than any indica leaf can be. Mutated leaf patterns cannabis Due to the incredible variation in cannabis morphology in different places around the world, different rather unusual leaf patterns have been noticed. Most of these variations are desirable by most people, especially the illegal growers, since they will not attract a lot of attention from the law enforcers. Some of the variations include: Webbed cannabis leaves – this is a common mutation and quite a number of breeders have tried to stabilize it. Though their efforts haven’t brought forth good fruits, webbed varieties can now be found in the markets, albeit very few of them. Whorled leaves – this is another mutation in the cannabis leaves, though it is a less desirable one it nearly looks like the common cannabis leaves. Australian bastard cannabis – this is the most unique mutation and it was first recognized by breeders around Sydney, who went ahead to attempt to stabilize it, but with no commercial success. With this mutation, the leaves are succulent, with no hairs and each leaf will have utmost five leaflets.

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