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Worlds 5 Best Alzheimer’s Cannabis strains 10 seed pack


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Update 2020 sale Best Alzheimer’s Marijuana Strains 2 seeds per strain

Purple Kush (Indica Marijuana Strain)
Purple Kush is an indica marijuana hybrid strain. It is well known for having purple leaves and dense bud. This marijuana strain is potent, delivering high levels of THC (around 17%). This cannabis strain is often used as a nighttime medicine as it induces a long-lasting calm effect that promotes body relaxation. Its medicinal benefits could possibly treat a variety of conditions including insomnia and depression. Purple Kush may also help to relieve frustrations and mood swings related to Alzheimer’s.

OG Kush (Hybrid Marijuana Strain)
This strain is a powerhouse and is thought to help relieve symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s. Depending on where you get this strain, OG Kush can contain up to 26% THC and around 0-0.3% CBD. It is thought to originate from Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, but this strain has gone through so many evolutions that it is hard to tell. Patients more commonly use OG Kush to treat migraines, ADD/ADHD and stress but it is occasionally recommended to Alzheimer’s patients depending on the level of progression of the condition and the symptoms that the patient is experiencing.

Sour Diesel (Sativa Dominant Marijuana Strain)
Sour Diesel is one of those marijuana strains that you’ll find on every list. Sour Diesel, a.k.a. Sour D. is a sativa dominant strain that delivers a fast energizing, relieving impact. It is used for stress, pain, and depression but due to its uplifting effects, it may also have a positive impact on mood swings that are typical with Alzheimer’s.

Green Crack (Sativa Dominant Marijuana Hybrid)
Green Crack is the ultimate happy strain. Filled with THC goodness of up to 25%, this strain makes you feel better the minute you start to consume it. Its fruity, tropical, citrus flavor and ability to give you a boost of happy energy will make you bounce off the walls. This marijuana strain is great for a down morning or rough day. Please note that this strain stimulates appetite, so get ready to eat plenty.

Acapulco Gold (Sativa Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Strain)
One of the worlds most well-known cannabis strains, Acapulco Gold is recommended by most dispensaries as a treatment for several medical conditions including Alzheimer’s. The cannabis strain comes from the areas in and around Acapulco, Mexico. Its orange hairs resemble a gold nugget with gold, green, and brown colors of resin collecting on the buds. Acapulco Gold is known for being one of the best medical cannabis strains, but due to its unique required growing conditions, it is becoming more difficult to find.

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