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Worlds 5 Best marijuana Strains for Mood Disorders 10 seed pack


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Update 2020 sale Top Marijuana Strains for Mood Disorders
2 seeds per strain 10 seeds total

Lambs Breath

A potent and powerful sativa characteristic for its sticky, green buds, Lamb’s Bread is a quintessential sativa marijuana strain for assisting those who suffer from depression, stress, or a combination of the two. It is an especially uplifting marijuana strain that both acts as an energizer, working to fight against fatigue, as well as bringing about happy vibes and positive introspection, two aspects that many individuals that suffer with depression need a little more of in their day to day lives.


world famous mix of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, the Headband hybrid marijuana strain is potent in THC, making just a tiny snap go a very long way. Patients suffering from mood disorders will discover fast relief from depression, or sad, depressive symptoms, (feeling worthless, inadequate, guilty, etc.), with this mood heightening marijuana strain that lets you lose that inner, critical voice a little, and just relax, unwind and enjoy the moment. Presenting a THC ratio at around 20-27%, Headband knows how to pack a powerful punch.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is considerably one of the most famous indicas within the marijuana community, but helping mood disorders is actually one of its often forgotten specialties. NL has a profound ability to numb the mind and body, bringing about a complete relaxation, and even eventually sedation, which is brilliant for individuals specifically who suffer from Bipolar, happen to be experiencing a period of mania and need to calm down. This indica will do just the trick, allowing you to get to sleep soundly, waking up the next morning feeling more balanced and refreshed. Also an ideal marijuana strain for any mood disorder patients who struggle with insomnia and lack of appetite. This indica will make you munchie out hard and pass out fast.

Green Crack

Although, Green Crack is not suitable for all mood disorder patients, it is especially healing for those who suffer from purely depressive symptoms and have trouble even just getting out of bed during the day. As the name suggests, this sativa is ultra energizing, which means that is causes fatigue and oversleeping to become a thing of the past, motivating those who are feeling sad or hopeless to take that first, and often difficult step of beginning their day.


Flaunting a rare 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, Cannatonic has an ability to help alleviate the painful and debilitating symptoms of many medical conditions, including depression. In addition, it works wonders at numbing chronic pain, stimulating appetite, uplifting the spirit and also relaxing muscles and body tension, which helps make it easier to unwind and even fall asleep if you are feeling tense. This unique marijuana strain is magical for patients suffering from depressive disorder especially, or even SAD.

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