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2019 Top Cannabis Strains for Studying 10 seed pack


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Update 2020 saleBest Marijuana Strains for Studying 10 seed pack 2 seeds per strain

Harlequin – Sativa:
Harlequin Cannabis Strain

A rather unique cannabis option, this sativa is heavily dominant in CBD and features a lower THC content, which helps the consumer to stay focused. Also, Harlequin does not produce psychoactive effects, so this marijuana strain is the ultimate workplace delight – no one will even know you’re high.

Features of Harlequin:
25/75 indica to sativa ratio; therefore sativa dominant and energizing
The love child of three bred together brilliant sativa strains; Colombian Gold, Thai Sativa landrace and Swiss Sativa landrace
Emits a flowery and sweet flavor and aroma, blended with elements of earth, fruit and spice
Has a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, making its psychoactive effects minimal to non-existent depending on the dosage
Takes 8-9 weeks to cultivate before being ready for harvest
Also suitable for patients with chronic pain, fatigue, inflammation, migraines/headaches, depression, stress, anxiety and ADD/ADHD
A light and clear-headed high that allows its consumer to maintain ultimate focus and motivation, all without clouding the mind or producing a fog. Can be consumed at any time of the day and in all environments, because the high CBD content counteracts many of the psychoactive attributes caused by the THC, giving Harlequin a well-balanced nature that is also energizing.

2. Green Crack – Sativa:
Green Crack Marijuana Strain

Even its name describes its profound ability to have its consumer running a million miles a minute – Green Crack offers an immensely stimulating and energizing high that is even better and more efficient than a few morning cups of coffee, without the inevitable crash afterwards.

Features of Green Crack:
65% sativa, 35% indica genetics, but classified technically as a sativa
Sometimes referred to as Green Kush
Also existent: a 75% indica phenotype of Green Crack
THC level of around 15-20%. Potent and psychoactive, but does not create dysfunction
From the inbreeding of hybrid strain Skunk No.1
Citrusy and fruity aroma, with hints of earth and pine. Some crops taste like biting into a ripe mango
Requires 7-9 weeks to reach flowering period and be ready for harvest
Medically suited for chronic pain, fatigue, migraines, chronic stress, brain fog and ADD
Green Crack is healing and uplifting, which not only helps with discovering internal motivation to get things done, but it also acts as a longer term solution for aiding in self-discovery, self-awareness and overall functionality. Just a little of this sativa goes a long way, and the high from this cannabis strain offers an immediate battery-pack style recharge that once again brings life and productivity into a once dull, slow-paced day.

Green Roads
3. Cannadential – Hybrid:
Photo credit: ibudtender.com
Features of Cannadential:
Perfect blend of indica/sativa with 50/50 genetic ratio. Quintessential hybrid strain
Bred by crossing Cannalope Haze sativa with LA Confidential indica, hence the name
THC content around 22%- makes for a very potent strain
Features a prominent and pungent aroma that is a blend of diesel and earth, with some added sage and nuttiness
Great for migraines, fatigue, depression, nausea, anxiety, stress, and maintaining focus
Has a flowering period of around 8-9 weeks, before being ready for harvest
Anytime a hybrid is featured on one of these lists and is connected to attentiveness, it can sound like a risk, but Cannadential is one of those special hybrid strains that is not overly relaxing or sleep inducing. Instead, this cannabis is energizing and uplifting, all while bringing in a subtle yet sweet euphoria that is not only pleasant, but also adds to the helpful qualities of a strain that helps you get tasks done and get in a state where you can create new ideas and gain inspiration seamlessly.

4. Cinex – Sativa:
Notorious for being an incredible morning smoke regardless of its slight indica influenced genetics, Cinex is almost always featured on a list of the most productivity-inducing strains, because it does just that – induce productivity. Also, it is easy to cultivate and readily available at numerous dispensaries and recreational pot shops. It’s a tasty cannabis strain that is convenient and gives you exactly what you desire if real focus is what you seek.

Features of Cinex:
Bred by combining the genetics of Cinderella 99 hybrid with Vortex sativa, hence the name Cinex
Features a 60:40 sativa to indica ratio
Immensely potent with a THC content of on average 25%
Works incredibly to defeat nausea, chronic pain, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, chronic stress, depression and more!
7-9 weeks flowering period, after which the Cinex is ready for harvest
Has a skunky and pungent aroma with added elements of sweet, citrus, and earthy flavors – when it hits the taste buds, it sometimes smells like a box of fresh-picked oranges
Making you feel like you can conquer just about anything that gets thrown your way (thanks, life!), Cinex is uplifting and energizing to the point that a lot of people smoke it first thing in the morning. It simultaneously finds a way to alter brain chemistry, leaving the mind and body feeling not only positive, but also happy and motivated.

In addition, it helps creative types that lack creative drive or energy to rediscover their internal passion and burning desire – after indulging in a little Cinex, you’ll find ideas flowing out of the brain with little effort, and opening up the mind like a free-flowing channel. This marijuana strain offers the right type of boost, leaving whoever tries it with genuine motivation to cherish the day and take actions that will allow life to flourish in a upwards direction.

5. Mother’s Helper – Hybrid:
Mother's Helper
Photo Credit: vilecompany
Said to be one of the ultimate cannabis strains for managing chronic medical conditions, Mother’s Helper is a multi-dimensional hybrid cannabis type that not only can assist with numerous medical ailments, but it is often the number one go-to for those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

For this reason, this marijuana strain has acquired the final spot on our list, but it may be actually the most efficient out of all the aforementioned contenders, (although they are all pretty brilliant, so it’s hard to say).

Features of Mother’s Helper:
Genetic crossing of two polar opposite strains: Chocolope sativa and Northern Lights #5 indica, offering a unique and intriguing experience
Average THC content of 20-26%; just one or two hits is ideal for novice smokers
Offers a coffee-like, earthy and sweet aroma with flavors hitting the taste buds that are in the realm of tea, citrus, berry and earth
Average flowering period of around 8-9 weeks, after which this cannabis is ready for harvest
50% indica, 50% sativa genetic ratio, logical because of the perfect balance from its parent strains
Best for use medically as a relief for chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, arthritis, migraines, back aches, chronic stress, chronic fatigue and depression. The ultimate “chronic conditions” strain.
With Mother’s Helper it is important to be a little careful, because a little bit can really go a long way, and over consuming this cannabis can cause some to get overly-anxious or jittery. If the right dose is consumed, this gift from nature herself can offer focus and motivation probably unlike any other cannabis strain mentioned on this list. For individuals diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, this marijuana strain is almost always the go-to choice for dealing with the inability to maintain mental clarity or productivity.

Mother’s Helper provides an extra push of energy, which makes it ideal for use as a daytime strain during working hours, or even as a nighttime cannabis strain if you planning on staying up past your bedtime and need to discover the energy to get things done. Most of all, though, this hybrid is outstanding for social events where maybe you just are not in the mood to attend, because just a few hits can melt away the anti-social feelings or any social anxiety that may be present.

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