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Chem Willie marijuana seeds 10 pack


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Chem Willie is a sativa-dominant that capitalize on some prestigious genetics. It is a cross between sativa favorite Chemdawg and infamous stoner Willie Nelsonís eponymous sativa strain. The result is a high-powered sativa with a unique, well-rounded flavor. Chem Willieís buzzy effects are said to last longer than average, even for frequent smokers. This budís THC content has been measured at between 15% and a whopping 31%.

Chem Willie is distinguished by its small to medium-sized buds that hold a tapering, spadelike shape. The flowers adhere in a relatively loose, sativa-typical structure, with the fluffy leaves clinging loosely to their central stems. The leaves themselves are a dark green, with patches of brighter neon green peppered throughout. Hairy, rust-colored pistils cling to these piecey leaves and sticky translucent trichomes cover all surfaces.

This strainís predominant scent is bright and tangy, with some sour citrusy notes. Complementing this fruitiness is a more herbal undertone, reminiscent of sage. Meanwhile, grinding up or breaking apart Chem Willieís leafy flowers yield a pervasive odor of skunk. When Chem Willie is combusted in a pipe or a joint, it burns with a smooth and easily palatable smoke. This smoke tastes like a pleasant combination of orange zest and spice on the exhale. Smokers looking to maintain discretion should take any necessary precautions, as Chem Willie can be a particularly pungent smoke.

The high from this strain takes hold right away, with a quick head rush. If smokers are sitting, they may feel some mild dizziness when standing up again. In addition to this slight vertigo, Chem Willie imparts some initial tingling around the eyes and temples. Once this sensation passes, users are hit with a surge of energy, along with feelings of power and euphoria. This empowering effect can manifest as a cerebral tendency to apply complex analytical thinking to tasks and situations. Alternatively, Chem Willie may inspire more physically-inclined users to get up and exercise or to accomplish a long list of mundane chores. However consumers choose to employ their high, they tend to experience freely-associative patterns of thought that may jump from one topic to the next. This kind of mindrace can be right at home in buzzy social situations, where it can inspire free-flowing conversations and create a feeling of camaraderie.

This bud comes with very few physical effects. Smokers may only feel slight relaxation in the form of decreased muscular tension and an increased capacity for deep, even breathing. Because it is more likely to keep consumers awake and moving than couchlocked and sleepy, Chem Willie is recommended for daytime (and even morning) use.

Chem Willieís alert effects can have many applications for medical cannabis patients as well. Its sustained feeling of concentration can be a boon to those with attention deficit disorders. The bud may also temporarily take the edge off of mild to moderate cases of stress and depression. Physiologically speaking, Chem Willie can relieve everyday annoyances like indigestion and headaches. Because its sense of mindrace can be disorienting and may lead to paranoia, this strain is not recommended for those who are prone to panic or who have low tolerance for THC.

The strain can be grown indoors or out, although success outdoors calls for a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. This budís sativa lineage suggests tall plants that may need to be pruned back in order to be trained to fit indoors. Because itís a sativa, Chem Willie likely also has a long flowering time of at least 9 and up to 11 weeks when grown indoors. Finally, just as it can be a pungent smoke, Chem Willie can be a very pungent grow -- indoor growers should invest in odor control measures like carbon air filters.

With versatile effects, Chem Willie is a must-try for sativa lovers and for Willie Nelson fans of any stripe. Itís a good option for solo enjoyment or for buzzy social use.

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