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Viet Combo Vietnamese x Vietanamese Black


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Viet Combo Vietnamese x Vietanamese Black

Offspring of this cross has produced a range of outcomes from the trippiest to soaring highs while others can bring on paranoia, racing heart beat and hallucinations for those not used to it. Generally speaking Viet combo's most early finishing phenos are around 10+ weeks, which is the fastest pheno I've found to date. A large majority will finish around the 12 -14 weeks while the rare odd freak will try and push past the 15 week but what an awesome racing head high these have known to produce. A few to many hits from one of these wonders I found myself staggering around like a drunken sailor with no control over my body. Not for light weight smokers and recommended for only experienced growers if attempted indoors. For indoor grows I highly recommend flowering direct from seed and provide ample light to achieve maximum results. A good curing period is essential for a quality smoking session.

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