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BC Big Bang


I've been growing some Big Bang I was out of smoke so chopped part of one plant a little early.

I just won't go through the hassle of finding someone local and won't use the one's I have used before. I have a guy in the next city down the line, but I don't want to take the drive. Last time I got 2 oz for 100. He'll deliver one for 70. Just regular good pot. Nothing great usually.

I decided to cut the top half off of one of the Big Bang girls last night. Left it to dry.

I have a need to smoke cannabis daily, perhaps somewhat of a spiritual need. the contemplative state of mind I enjoy, and find that I can study and absorb and understand things which to me are important such as history and the machinations and politics that caused different historical events to occur.

tonight I steam dried a few nice nuggets of Big Bang.
I like it. I rolled a nice fatty. I keep putting the joint down.

It's got a really nice sativa high. 2-3 hits and you feel it and let the doob go out. as i lit and re lit the joint, I became very contemplative and found myself reading and researching through the history of the Ottoman empire and the 'Young Turks' who caused the Armenian genocide.

Good stuff. May they be repaid in kind.

I don't know how to describe the smell of this BB. heavy is the only word that would come into my mind as I tried to force myself to stop smelling it. Pungent? Maybe sandalwood?

The three plants are similar in structure and have thin leaves and a classic Christmas tree shape, though mine are bent over. Two of them have very sativa airy buds with long wavy pistil, while the third has more compact buds like foxtails with short straight pistils. It is what I'm calling the northern lights pheno. I have not seen NL myself, but pics show it to be very leafy. There's really no way to manicure the buds on this one. They'll come down with leaves intact. (Not fan leaves of course.) It also has the least smell of the three.

The other two are about the same including the aroma, except the one I'm smoking now, is not nearly as strong smelling as the other sativa pheno that I have yet to sample. If smell is an indicator, it promises to be even better than this one.

Maybe this could be called a racy high? High without soaring like Burmese Kush, but alert and focused, yet anxious. Like I need to do something else important. Like I need to go watch Lilo and Stitch, but also have this smoke report to write, as well as continue my studies.

I got the munchies big time with this pot. Enjoyed Lilo entering Stitch in a dog show. Ate some chicken and now some chocolate chips out of the bag. Enjoyed it.
Date Added: 04/12/2008 by william sale
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