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Sensi Star feminized


germinated ten Sensi Star seeds in small peat pots filled with seedling soil. Nine of them had sprouted after four days and were raised under 18 hours of daily light (600 W HPS Osram Planta-T) in the vegetative stage. One week after germination, the plants were transplanted to six litre pots with ready-made soil mixture. Mr. Power Planter knew that Sensi Star doesnt like high levels of nutrients and therefore restricted the EC to a maximum of 1.6-1.8 mS. The plants grew very homogeneously: When flowering was induced 24 days after germination by reducing the light regimen to 12 hours, the difference in height of the shortest and tallest plant amounted to merely 13 cm, with most of the plants having more or less the same height, between 40 and 53 cm. They exhibited indica-typical dark green leaves and moderate side branching. Nine days after flower induction, all of the plants had revealed their gender. There were five ladies and four males.

Flowering proceeded very well: As early as in the fifth week of blooming, the plants already appeared white with resin, definitely asserting Sensi Stars reputation as white strain. Another three weeks later, the buds were frosted all-over, also the flower leafs were completely coated with rich amounts of resin glands. The flower structure and calyx-to-leaf ratio of the five plants was either identical or very similar, looking indica-like, but with hairy clusters and easily cuttable short indica flower leafs. And also in terms of density, the buds could convince Mr. Power Planter, being very solid and quite broad. Their scent was quite unusual and corresponded to what breeder Luc says about his Sensi Star: Her bouquet is strong and somehow fresh like mint, metal and oxygen combined, crazy, hard to explain.

The plants measured 60, 66, 68, 72 and 74 cm in the end and matured within the 56-63 days span stated by Paradise Seeds further proof of great uniformity. When the buds had been dried, single plant yields turned out to be between 20 and 31 grams, what can be considered a good harvest from seed, especially in relation to the fairly small size of the plants. When it came to smoking, the Sensi Star buds could keep the promise of their look, delivering a strong body sensation, but also a certain degree of energetic cerebral effects, thanks to the slight sativa influence. Smoked in a bong, these Sensi Star buds were a one-hitter that would last for hours, pretty damn strong stuff, presumably with a THC content of 16-20%, as measured in different Sensi Star THC tests in the past. The taste was complex, sweeter than expected and quite mild, with minty and metallic undertones. The question raised in the heading definitely can be answered with yes - Sensi Star is as strong as ever, maybe even stronger than ever, and an excellent variety to grow from seed.

Green Born Identity G.B.I.

Cultivation data

Sensi Star (5 females grown from seed)

Afghani with a hint of sativa
Genetic type

Mostly Indica
Vegetative stage

24 days
Flowering stage

56-63 days

standard grow-mix


max. 1.6-1.8

600 W HPS Osram Planta-T

night: 18 /day: 24-28 C
Air humidity

max. 60 % in the flowering stage

by hand
Fertilizer (veg. stage)

House & Garden A + B
Fertilizer (flowering stage)

House & Garden A + B,PK 13+14 in the sixth week

Excellent Explosive bloom stimulator

60/66/68/72/74 cm

20/24/22/31/25 grams
Date Added: 04/12/2008 by william sale
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